Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mac OS X Leopard Is Pretty Cool, And We've Got It

Apple Mac OS X Leopard and other Apple Computer Software

We've got Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) in stock, for, as of this post, $109.95.

There are a lot of nice things in Mac OSX Leopard, especially in the integration of the Mail app. The new Finder has some plusses and few minuses and, overall, it is a worthy upgrade. Spaces are nifty! The additions to the dock are okay, but I wouldn't write home about them. The idea behind Time Machine is great, but I'm sure the implementation is quite there yet--or perhaps there are custom settings I have yet to discover.

The Quick Look previews are very robust, nd very handy. Much can be done. And, natch, if you have an Intel mac, Boot Camp comes standard as a supported part of the OS. On the whole, a worth upgrade to the already laudable Macintosh OS X family. And, unlike Windows Vista, there's only one version to buy, and it does it all.

Apple Final Cut Express 4

Also, if you've already got Leopard and are interested in moving beyond iMovie, you might want to check out Apple Final Cut Express 4, Full Version, Retail Box (MB278ZA) for $138.95, as of this posting. And we've also got the upgrade for Final Cut Express 4, part# MB339ZA for only $83.95, as of this posting. It's a robust, pro-level video editing app--and it works right on your Mac. There is no limit to what you can do with it, video-wise, and if you want a good source for what can be done with Final Cut Pro on the Mac, check out some of the great how-to reviews with Alex Lindsay at, or check out some of the videos at the Apple site here.

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