Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trend Micro PC-Cillin

Trend Micro PC-Cillin

We've sold a lot more Trend Micro software than we're currently carrying, and we hope to again. But right now we've got a great price on Trend Micro's PC-Cillin Internet Security 2008 1-USER OEM (part# TIS085671). That price being $14.95, or $13.95 if you purchase 20 or more.

As I may have mentioned, even though the goal of this blog is in no small part to promote our store (and educate, of course!) I prefer to write about things about which I actually have something to say, or have direct experience.

I have direct experience with PC-Cillin, as it's running on my daughter's Dell Laptop (which is also running Windows Vista, which I'm not a huge fan of--for many reasons--but sometimes you need it and, anyway, this post isn't about Vista). It works well. As with all Internet Security software, the updates are frequent and intrusive, which I'm not a big fan of, but I have yet to see Internet Security software that works (for free, or at any price) that isn't intrusive in some way or others, and updates to have to be frequent in order to ensure security.

For the home user, I'd recommend PC-Cillin over Symantec, or AVG (which I use at work). Panda Anti-Virus and Internet Security (which I've used, and can be a little more intrusive, in my opinion, than PC-Cillin, but does the job and more at a great price) or PC-Cillin are better choices for the home user. We also carry the very popular Kaspersky line of Internet Security and Anti-virus products, but I haven't actually used them myself, so I'm not in a position to review them. But if you've used them and you like them, we've got some great prices on them, so come on by!

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