Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palo Alto's Business Plan Pro 11 and More

First, we've got Palo Alto Software's 2008 Business Plan Pro 11 for sale for only $49.95 as of this posting. I think I've mentioned Business Plan here before, but this is another opportunity for you to get Business Plan--and plan your business, see how that works?--for a great price from Software Supply Group.

As of this week (and for only this week, or close to it), we've got Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Pro (Full OEM, part number: 269-06738-OEM) for only $267.43. Pretty good price.

And we've still got plenty of Microsoft Server products, including Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server and more. We offer a full range of Microsoft Office 2007 Products. Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, Windows NT and more.

So, come on by. We'll keep the light on for ya.

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