Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TR2N! And Panda Internet Security for only $13.77

Man, wasn't David Warner Perfect in TRON? I doubt there will be a role for him in TR2N--maybe a voice roll--which is too bad. He really rocked as Sark/Dillinger/MCP in the first movie.
I'm looking forward to TR2N with baited breath. While there seems to be long periods with no news, now there is. Steven Lisberger, director of the the original Tron, has apparently given TR2N his blessing and is a consultant on the production. TR2N will be released in 3D! Mr. Beaks at Ain't It Cool News talked about this with Joseph Kosinski, who is helming this 28 year later sequel. Jeff Bridges talks about the new TR2N (it'll be motion-capture).
Cool beans. Can't wait for 2010. Assuming the market hasn't totally crashed and I still have money to buy movie tickets.
In other news, we've got Panda Internet Security for only $13.77 as of this post. Avail yourself of it now or live forever with the regret. We also carry other Panda Software, so you've got other choices of Panda Internet Security isn't a perfect fit.
Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it before, we've got Peachtree Complete Accounting 2008 for only $100. Try beating that with a stick! Or just buy it. It's a deal.

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