Monday, December 1, 2008

Google Is Laying Off People. Yikes!

Yikes! Google is laying people off. Since when does that happen? Well, apparently it is. Yikes.

For you luddites out there still reading dead tree newspapers, USA Today, you may have seen the USA Today article with the interesting headline, Russian Kaspersky Lab Offering Antivirus Protection in the US. Strange, given Kaspersky has been available for US PCs for about as long as there have been viruses.

Its light and efficient, well-supported, and you can get an OEM of Kaspersky 2009 AntiVirus single-user from Software Supply Group for only $19.95, as of this posting. Yay!

We also offer Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2008 for only $11.84, as of this posting. You luck dog, you! We also offer anti-virus from Panda Security, like Panda 2009 Internet Security Full Version OEM for only $13.77.

We have lots of other software too, like System Management Software 2003 (10 Cal) and Adobe Ovation 1.0 for Windows.

The economy is shaky. If you need new software, I recommend you buy it at a substantial discount from Software Supply Group.

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