Monday, January 5, 2009

Windows Seven is Closer, But Not Yet Here

Since last time I talked about Windows 7, Microsoft has put up a preview page (or, at least, I can find it now).

Will it be better than Windows Vista? Sure. Will it solve all the security problems and viruses and bot-nets in the world? No. But, the fact is, you could do something about now, whether you're using Windows Vista, Windows XP, or something even older (though, unless it's Windows 2000, you really shouldn't be).

But, no matter what, you've still need virus protection. Thank goodness we happen to have a great Internet Security Suite, AVG 8.0 Internet Security (OEM) for only $15.55. As of this posting. Yay for us! And lucky for you, if you don't already have an Anti-Virus Suite.

It's historically been less bloated and more efficient than Symantec Nortion 2009 Internet Security (which we have for only $19.95, if you want that) and 10 bucks cheaper than Kaspersky 2009 AntiVirus 3 User Full Version OEM.

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