Friday, June 19, 2009

I.V. Poles and Windows 7

It's not software, but if you're looking for 2 Hook, 4 Leg I.V. Pole, I know where you can get one. Chrome plated. It extends from 47" to 85"high. It features 2 hooks and it has easy-roll 2" casters. It's a 4-leg base diameter is 23" with low profile base. Cuz, sometimes you don't just need software. Sometimes you need IV poles, too.

In more software-related news, the iPhone's MultiTouch--called something else--comes to Microsoft Windows PCs with Windows 7. Pretty cool to look at, you gotta admit. Wonder if it works that well in practice. I'm guessing no.

Having menus and windows all tilt strangely seems to me typically Microsoft. Because you can make it possible to create an unnavigable mess with a touch interface, then you should. So they will.

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