Thursday, June 11, 2009

Microsoft Announced Project Natal At E3

Microsoft recently announced project Natal (Neonatal? Who comes up with their project names?), a "controller free" video game interface. Very, um, interesting. Though maybe a little premature.

I guess the idea is to out-Wii the Wii, so to speak. Best of luck with that. The video looks impressive, but computer companies--and Microsoft is no exception--have a track record of releasing great looking videos for cutting edge technology projects that never really pan out, for whatever reason. I'm just not expecting "Natal" to really change gaming any time soon, or even get purchased by a large majority of X-box users.
In truth, it probably is the future of gaming. Just not tomorrow's gaming, or the day after tomorrows. Maybe a decade. Maybe more. And expect a company like Nintendo to really get it right, while Microsoft spends all the money getting the market ready.
If and when it gets to market, I anticipate a lot of complains, and a lot of unhappy gamers. Just sayin'.

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