Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost Is The Best Show on Television

Ever watch Lost? Michael Emerson is ultra-rockin' as Benjamin Linus.

And Terry O'Quinn as John Locke is just as cool. It's a great show. And Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn help make it the coolest show on television. Although I miss Mr. Eko. He was the one other completely super-cool, super-tough characters. They shouldn't've killed 'em off.

And it looked like there was going to be a sub-plot with Libby, and then Michael just shot her. What was up with that? She was in the same institution as Hurley (who is also ultra-awesome), and gave these weird looks when interacting with Hurley--maybe she knew the numbers, maybe she knew Hurley was a multi-millionaire? Whatever, something was up, then she just got shot and that was that. Disappointing.

Anyway, we sell software (if you haven't guessed), but we only currently have one legitimate Lost title, Lost: Via Domus, for the X-Box. More on Lost: Via Domus from IGN.

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