Monday, April 6, 2009

We're Not The J. Peterman Catalog. I Admit It.

The LowePro Transit Backpack. Pretty cool.

Did you know the J. Peterman Catalog is still in business? It is. Doesn't have anything to do with anything, I just heard them talking about it on TWIT and wondered if old J. Peterman was still around. Turns out, they are.

Wonder if I should try the J. Peterman approach. "The grizzled technologist donned his LowePro Factor Backpack, thoughtfully rubbing the wisened leather of his Deluxe Belkin iPod case for his 4th Generation iPod. Could he bring Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to the aboriginal tribes at the foot of the mountain?"

Nah. I dunno. Doesn't work.

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