Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Saw The Watchmen

It was mostly kind of "meh". FX are cool, but, these days, FX are common place. Boring, if there's nothing else to it. The best part of the movie (and it is great) are the parts with Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach. When he tells his fellow inmates that they've got it wrong, that he's not trapped in their with them, but "you're trapped in here with me", you believe it. So compelling, and outstanding, is Jackie Earl Haley's performance as Rorschach that the rest of the movie and its $100 million dollars of special effects cannot compare. If the movie had been title "Rorschach", and it had been about him the entire time with the other characters only coming in relative to him, it would have been a much better movie. Not the graphic novel, I know, but still. A much better movie.

Ah, well. Whatcha gonna do? Jackie Earl Haley totally brings the goods to his performance. He's the main thing that makes watching the movie worthwhile. Nobody else feels fully realized. Maybe they just pale next to Jack Earl's performance. And general bad-assery.

In other news, if you're looking for a Fellowes Lighthouse Optical Mouse Pads, we got 'em for only $1.39. Cool.

How about Kaspersky 2009 Internet Security 3-User OEM. We got it for only $25.49. Beat that! With a stick. You can't do it, can you? So, give in and purchase now!

More soon. Later, my good friends.

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