Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On About The New Tron, Not TR2N

New details of the plot have been released. Sounds very cool. Kevin Flynn created many of the world's top games as head of ENCOM (and, of course, he had a kid), then disappeared--and where did he disappear to? Where else? The computer world! Wheeen! Then acting ENCOM head (after Flynn's disappearance) Alan Bradley (author of the original eponymous Tron program) presents Flynn's son with information that leads him to search for his father in the computer world. There, it's apparently the CLU program, from the original, that has gone corrupt, and sort of acts as the Sark of the new inside-the-computer-world.

It just sounds mega-cool.

We used to have Tron 2.0, Killer App (for X-Box) in our list of software game titles. Alas, no longer. But we have plenty of other cool games. We also carry a variety of Electronic Toys, Business Software, Software for the Home, and more. So, stop on by sometime.

Also, I ought to mention that now has a SnaggStuff Community, where you can discuss the groovy new deals from on any given day. Here's the conversation for today (3-4-09), but tomorrow it will be different. Whatever, come on by and check it out!

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