Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heroes Is Like The Perfect Geek Television Series

Tim Kring's Heroes is, like, the prefect geek television series. For a million reasons. The comic book format to the story is spot-on--even the things people have complained about with heroes getting weird, heroes becoming villains and villains becoming heroes and back again, is perfect comic book patois. At least, perfect 80s comic book patois, which is pretty much where my comic book history stops. I'm late to the series, but I'm lovin' it.

I stopped reading comic books around 1990, and have probably read about a dozen since then (not including going through the entirety of Dave Sim's Cerebus oeuvre. But I grew up reading them, and Heroes is the prefect comic book television series. With entirely non-standard, non-DC, non-Marvel characters, it captures the world of comic book super heroes.

One of the uber-geek things I like best? The casting. George Takei as Hiro Nakamura's father, Kaito Nakamura. Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura on Star Trek TOS) as Nana.

Robert Forster as Arthur Petrelli. Who geeks remember Captain Dan Holland in The Black Hole. And Daniel Linderman, played by Malcolm McDowell. How awesome is that?

What does this have to do with Software Supply Group? Not much. We have some games that have the word "Heroes" in the title, like Heroes of Might and Magic IV. And several others with the name "Heroes" in it.

Beyond that, I need to remind you that we still have Sage ACT! 2007, Full Version, for only $15.99. That's right, only $15.99! Better get it while supplies last.

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