Thursday, February 19, 2009

Office XP Professional for Cheap!

Just a quick note to let you know, we've got Microsoft Office XP 2002 Pro, as an OEM (that means it doesn't come with the box and all that stuff). So you know. And, right now, we've got it for only $94.97. Ultra-awesome!

And, for today (February 19th, 2009), has another groovy Mystery Box. This one is pricey--$50 bucks for a Box of Mystery--but we guarantee that it will be Chocked Full of Amazine Awesomeness. BTW, if you follow the link, and it's not the amazing awesome mystery box, you're too late. These deals only last for a day.

Although, I think we should give people some idea of the awesomeness and amazingness that waits for them. Because some folks may be more eager to pay $50 for certain other kinds of awesome amazingness than others. Just saying. But, not my call.

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